On Call for the Bengals, Damar Hamlin, and his Family, with Dr. Bret Betz

Bret Betz MD is a physician at the University of Cincinnati Health specializing in orthopaedics, sports medicine, and emergency medicine. It was his interest in sports medicine that led him to become the team physician for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was on the field January 2 when Damar Hamlin went down and laid unconsciousness on the field as 23 million fans watched across the country. It was a moment he and his team were prepared for due to their game day routines, discipline, years of training, and life experiences. At the age of 10, Bret tragically lost his father in a plane crash and always desired to not only make his father proud, but to do something positive with that pain. He was drawn to emergency medicine where he is board certified with a Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in sports medicine. As a result of the care given to Damar, Bret and the medical team who worked together on January 2 were honored at the Super Bowl. Damar was present and gave a heartfelt speech. Listen in to learn more about Bret’s career, his family, and how gratitude plays a role in his life. You can tune in here or watch here.

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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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