Episode 51: Nate the Golfer: Focusing on His Ability, Not His Disability, with Nate Forreste

Nate Forrestel makes a decision everyday that he is going to find a way to inspire others. He does this as a content creator and a social media influencer on TikTok and Instagram for his growing audience of 36,000 followers. What makes Nate’s videos so unique is that he is a golfer who plays with cerebral palsy, a condition that was so severe at birth, that doctors expected he would only survive for 72 hours. Nathan beat the odds and continues to thrive today. As he hit his teen years, Nate realized his sport choices were limited. He found golf and the love affair began. After a few of Nate’s shots were posted from the golf course on Instagram, the views started piling up as people saw what he could do despite playing with a disability. He included inspirational messages with his posts that have resonated with many and boosted his following, especially with those who are also challenged with a disability. One of his favorite followers is Buffalo Bills QB, Josh Allen, who he connected with through their mutual partner, Team OnCore. Nate is an avid fan of Josh and the Bills and recently added a live stream of his reactions and commentary during the Bills games. Enjoy this treat as Matt and Nate talk in more detail about Nate’s path and his love for golf and the Buffalo Bills. You can also view the video of the interview here – https://youtu.be/p5Nw_IxbWXE


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