Coronavirus/ Covid-19 Anxiety- Tools to manage

I started tracking the CDC volume of cases on March 10, 2020.  Today the numbers are vastly different.  Here are the facts:

  • 3/10/20- 111k worldwide cases/ 390 deaths.  United States 564/ 22 deaths
  • 3/23/20- 374k worldwide cases/ 16,350 deaths.  United States 33,404 US/ 400 deaths

You have heard all about the curve.  We need to “flatten the curve.”  Yes, but while doing so we need to manage the anxiety of the magnitude of publicity this “Global Pandemic” is creating.

The good news about the statistics are that on a relative basis the numbers show that the virus is not spreading as fast as in the US.  The tide is shifting but not locally.  Please, Please, please stay at home. 

What can you do while staying at home to manage the anxiety this unprecedented situation has created for you and your family? 

  • Begin each day in prayer
  • You can follow the advice of the CDC and the WHO (and the local health authority in your region) on how to stay safe and how to keep others safe during this pandemic
  • Journal- The Diary of Ann Frank began with a young girl journaling during World War II
  • Facetime a friend or loved one
  • Have designated quite time to quite the mind
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day
  • Watch the coronavirus news once a day max
  • Bake cookies for a neighbor and leave them on the front porch
  • Read a book for 30 minutes a day
  • Set up weekly or daily group video chats
  • Play, walk or bike outside for 30 minutes
  • Write down what you are grateful for today
  • Pray for those that are impacted by the virus directly
  • During the work week, keep to your schedule and dress for your workday
  • Virtually visit the zoo
  • Set home project goals like cleaning the attic or garage
  • Find humor and laugh out loud
  • Embrace the peace and stillness of today by designating quiet time daily
  • End each day in prayer

As I have mentioned in the past, we are all called to help others.  By going out and acting like you are immune to this virus, you are putting your friends and family at greater risk.  Please help by staying at home.   

When stress levels creep up, how do you respond?  Do you ignore this or to do you acknowledge it and adjust?  Ignoring the stress will compound the stress.  That said, you can channel the stress in positive ways and neutralize it.  Listed above are only some quick examples of what you can do.  

I want to share my personal gratitude today.  I am grateful for the entire medical community for the unified effort in working to treat Covid-19 patients.  They go to work to protect us.  We owe it to them to stay at home to protect them.  Thank you to all doctors and nurses involved.  

If you have some unique tips that will help manage anxiety during this unprecedented period, please comment so others can see. 

If you do not know who to facetime, facetime me.  248-217-4615

Keep working at what I try to do every day:

  1. Find something you are Grateful for
  2. Be truly Present for those you are with 
  3. Ask yourself what you are feeding your mind, body and spirit?

Live inspired at God speed! SFT!

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