Being Part of- Part 2

On a recent blog, you read from me the importance of being “A PART OF” something.  Well last weekend, I was moved as I listened to Mary’s acceptance speech into Nardin Academy’s Hall of Fame.  She referenced the notion of being “A PART OF”.  It got me thinking more about this topic.  The dictionary definition of Part is- a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fragment, fraction, or section.

Your family, your circle of friends, your employer, your church, your neighborhood or any group you are “a part of” would be incomplete without you.  You hear people talk about finding their purpose.  I feel they are searching for their value in society.  They are searching for something that is missing.  They are fearful they are not doing enough.  We must remember that our talents are each unique and they are gifts from God.  One person’s part of might be very different than another people.

I would like us all to try and look at this a bit differently.  Know that your part of the equation is critical to the overall success of the team you are “A PART OF”.  The stronger that part is the stronger the team is.  Without you as a team member, the team would be a fraction of who they are with you involved.  Accept your part and find joy in that your part is critical to the success your team has in store.

I was truly honored to share in the celebration of Mary getting inducted into her High School’s Hall of Fame for tennis.  We absolutely should celebrate elite performances.  That said it was interesting to hear all 5 speeches last weekend and they each spoke of and thanked those that were “A PART OF” their journey.  If one of those parts had not been involved their destiny would have been different.

In the United State we have a population of 327 Million.  You are “A PART OF” many different groups or team when you think of the entire United State let alone the entire world.  

What teams are you “A PART OF”?  For me, I am “A PART OF”:

  • My immediate and extended family
  • The Principal family
  • My Friends team
  • My Church team
  • My Long Blue Line/ St. Xavier Alumni Team
  • Our American Team
  • The Xavier University Fan Club
  • Etc…..

Your part of is either detracting from the team or contributing to the team.  As we parent today, lets teach our children to embrace their God given talents and expand them.

I was so honored to celebrate Mary’s athletic accomplishments last weekend.  I am more impressed on her perspective of being “A PART OF”. 

Each of us has unique talents. Is it not our obligation to maximize our talents that we were blessed with?

Keep trying what I focus on each day:

  1. Find something you are Grateful for
  2. Be truly Present for those you are with 
  3. Ask yourself what you are feeding your mind, body and spirt.

God Speed!

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