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As I think about the tragedy this past weekend in El Paso and Dayton, I have a heavy heart.  Today none of us are safe from this. Our 8-year-old saw something on the iPad about the Dayton tragedy.  She asked where is Dayton OH?  Sad to think she is exposed to this.    

Today, I am grateful I am alive.  My heart goes out to the families that lost a loved one.  You will continue to be in our prayers.  We will never know why this happened.  It could have been resentment, anger, attention, retaliation, mental illness, or any number of reasons. 

Between 2009 and 2017 there have been 173 mass shootings.  Many killers targeted unrelated victims that stood no chance as the mass shooter held his gun that was equipped with high capacity magazines.  What a coward behind that war weapon.  Now I do not want to get into the politics of gun rights (what party supports them or what party does not).  However, we collectively deem it illegal to operate a vehicle when drunk or high.  This is a prudent law of safety to protect our fellow citizens.  I pray that both parties can come together and unite on this issue that is killing to many innocent victims. 

I was fortunate to be acquainted with Zig Ziglar in the mid 1990’s.  One of his famous quotes was “you can get out of life what you want out of life if you help enough other people get out of life what they want out of life.”  This is one we all can draw from.  I submit that these mass killers had too much of their attention on themselves and not on others.  Loving others is contagious.  If one does it ten will follow. 

While these tragedies happen far too often, there is still good in the world.  May the network news channels pick up on the kindness in our neighborhoods.  I think this bad publicity feeds the sick that are potentially targeting the next victims. 

Love more!  Recognize kindness when you see it.  It is all around you.    

  1. Find something you are grateful for today
  2. Be truly present for those you are with
  3. Ask yourself how you are feeding your mind body and spirit?

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God Speed!

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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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