In my friend Woody Sherwood’s Book, “Cope, Rise and THRIVE”, he kicks things off by focusing on Visualization.   Visualization is very important for any high performers ability to achieve their excellence they desire. This absolutely ties into the mind or mental side for which I recently shared.  


Woody discusses a vision board to help maintain the focus of your desired outcome. On my vision board it includes me presenting my journey to an eager audience excited to celebrate that I am cancer free.  I visualize being cancer free every day.  Some of you might have seen Draymond Green recently share in a press conference how he feels he is the best defender in the NBA.  While this absolutely can be debated, the common ground here is he not only believes it, but he SEES himself being the best defender in the NBA.  He is practicing visualization.    


When working towards something that has either never been done before, enormous Faith is required.  Countless hours go into peak performers preparation of the outcome they are trying to achieve.  This requires long hours, tedious preparation and extreme focus.  The Vision Board fuels your faith.  The clearer your visualization will only strengthen your faith.  Without strong visualization, fear can creep in.  Visualization helps you when you may not feel like going the extra mile today.  Follow how you feel, and you fuel your fear.  Follow your faith and you fuel your future.  With Faith your visualization will become your reality. 


I believe many individuals fall short of their true potential due to a poor visualization of what it is they want to accomplish and or become.  When Draymond Green trains, do you think he thinks about a 15-year NBA career or being the best defender in the league?  We know it is the ladder.  However, thinking about being the best defender will lead to a long career.  My point is fine tune the outcome you want and visualize it. 


For my readers, I want you to know I continue to feel fantastic.  I have a scan next week that will give me further evidence that my tumors are responding.  Every day I visualize my tumors are shrinking, shrinking and shrinking.  I visualize standing in front of you celebrating the fact that I am disease free.  That said, it might take 12 months, or it might take 2 years.  As I think about what I need to do today I feel so blessed I can visualize and see my outcome.  This is possible due to all of those who have come before me.  The patients, the doctors, the research, the funding and the success.  I am rich with gratitude! 


I cannot be everything that I was intended to be if I do not take care of what I need to do today.  While I have an end goal in mind and my visualization board helps me think about the prize down the road.  I have work to do today. 


Part of my regular program includes my workouts.  My workouts are part of my physical recovery.  I have recently started to end each workout with a headstand. You might ask why?  Well cancer might have turned thing a bit upside down own me, but I am retaliating by turning it upside down. As I rest in this position I visualize the tumors getting weaker and shrinking. It is my way of saying do not mess with me. 


I am grateful that my disease has strengthened my faith.  It has allowed me to quiet my mind and allow my focus to be on today’s task. 

You can find Woody’s book on Amazon.


May you have an awesome day and God Speed.  



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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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  1. Matt – could not agree more with the visualization practice and the picture of the head stand is priceless. Watching Green play tonight! Prayers are with you always. Jill

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