The Mental Side- Dis Ease.

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In prior blogs I shared some views on total wellness which includes being well: financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Today I want to focus on the Mental side of the equation.  The definition of Mental is simply, of or relating to the mind.  If you can agree with me that what goes into the mind can affect how the mind thinks and manifest, then my question is what are you doing to nurture and strengthen the mind?  I am grateful I was encouraged to consider meditation.  For those that have thought it is unnecessary or a waste of time I challenge you to consider meditation as a method to ease your mind and bring you peace. 

I ask this question of you.  Regardless of what performance you are getting ready for, what state do you need to be in to execute your highest level of achievement?  Do you perform best in a state of anger, resentment, fear or anxiety?  Or do you perform better in a state of peace, gratitude or calmness? I submit the latter.  

Now I want you to think about the word ease.  The opposite of ease is not at ease or “DIS-EASE”.  Now put that all together DISEASE.  If a mind filled of dark, angry thoughts can wreak havoc on your body, can a mind filled of beautiful outcomes, relationships and blessings effect your experience in a positive way?  I owe the disease correlation to my friend Roy. 

While I have not meditated as frequently as I should-I am getting better.  Many experts recommend we should be doing 90 minutes a week.  There is a reason why Yoga has become so popular.  While there is a physical component to yoga it is not all physical.  There is absolutely a mental side of Yoga as well.  I was introduced to a simple meditation called “Release”.  It is on the longer side-20 minutes.  That said, check it out and if you do let me know how you feel afterwards.  We tried it the other day and even substituted our workout to try it, but I am so grateful we did.  

While this is all a work in progress to me, I do fully believe that if any of the wellness areas mentioned in the beginning: financial, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual are out of kilter, it can affect how at “ease” you are.  If you are not at ease, you are at Dis Ease. At that point are you more susceptible to disease?



We were blessed to have my sister, Moira Veech, her husband, Mike Veech and their son Luke visit this weekend.  Their presence kept everyone at ease. 



Happy Memorial Day and God speed!

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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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  1. That’s awesome stuff Matt! You’re an encouragement thus all. Love you brother!

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