Thank you! Thank you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been thinking of me. Your prayers are working. We met with our medical team this morning and they put my response in the “fantastic” category. Did you hear the big sigh I just released?

I think Mary and I were prepared to see no new growth. The fact that we have seen a “fantastic” response is bonus news.

I came in for my scan Tuesday and ran into Katy, my clinical nurse. I mentioned to her that I wanted good news on Thursday. She was in the room with me today when we were presented with the news. I looked at her to make sure that she did not convince the doctor to humor me. She assured me the medicine is working. My entire medical team now knows my sense of humor. This team I speak of- is truly world class. A Dynasty. Thank you team for all that you do!

While I am no expert in patient response, I do believe that prayer is a big factor in my positive news today. The love Mary and I are feeling through our journey is amazing. We thank you.

Like with anything if we are not improving we are moving backwards. I personally can get better at a few things. While my diet has been better it has not been “fantastic”. Just being honest. This will change.

While yesterday I was awesome, today I am feeling more awesome than that..

I personally pray that today God will allow things to progress favorably. My Dad has always said “do your work, say your prayers and leave the rest to God”… I am so grateful for his influence on my life.

May you have a fantastic day! Again, thank you for your love, support and prayers.

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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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  1. Matthew,

    So great to hear the news. Keep fighting and praying! We love you and your family very much.

    Much Love,

    Michael J

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