#6- The Peace of Treatment and the power of a smile!

As I walked through the doors of Dana Farber today I immediately felt peace. As a result of all of the success they have seen, patients walk the halls with optimism. This would not be possible without all of the support from medical team doing the research, those funding the research, patients fighting and those who support the patients. Thank you to all who make this possible. As I truly feel remarkable today, I know some struggle with this disease. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. May their treatment turn towards optimism. May they respond favorably. May they recover fully and live their dreams. The fight is not easy but worth it.

Dana Farber is one of the many amazing cancer centers in the United States. There are many like MD Anderson, Strong Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Roswell Park and others. What I find warming is the collaboration with these elite teams. While they are different institutions they work together for the common goal of beating cancer. I am witness to this in that the trial I am on is not only a domestic trial but international. As I think about this I am reminded how important working with each other is important regardless of what line of work we embark on. Thank you for the collaboration that goes on in the Cancer community. I believe we can learn from this collaboration.

One thing that is helpful to me is staying present in the moment. Present to where you are now and with whom you share that time with. With this mindset I find it is easier to see the beauty in front of me: my medical team, my faith, my family, my friends and my humor. Yes humor. I find laughter to be so therapeutic. If my humor had ever been inappropriate I apologize. I have at times been accused of inappropriate humor timeliness. If this brings a smile to your face you know what I mean. Oh darn I brought a smile to your face. The power of the simple smile is amazing. It warms my heart when I get that smile from the patient I do not know but they share their smile openly. This smile is saying, you are strong and are in good hands. You will get well. Yes I am grateful for the smile.

So wherever this message finds you, may you find the beauty in your life today. I acknowledge life does have its challenges. That said I have found these challenges can turn into blessings if you are open to seeing the opportunities they present. For example without cancer, I am not sure I would have started a blog. While I am not 100% sure as to where this blog will go a year from now, two years from now or further out. Today I write in an effort to inspire others to find their blessings inside.

I have to thank everyone who contributes to my happiness. Mary is at the center of this along with my two girls. I am blessed with an amazing family and terrific friends. Thank you for being there.

I have one ask of you today and that is smile. Smile with love. I would love to hear from you as to what you experience with the smile. Your smile is beautiful, share it.

Be awesome today!

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Hello My Name is Matt Moran. While on 12/12/2018 it was confirmed that my cancer was back, I have experienced the blessing of Cancer. I am so blessed to have found the joys this disease can bring. My goal is to share some of my experience so others can draw strength from what I have witnessed. May you be blessed as well.

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  1. You are amazing!! And have the most beautiful smile!! I will bring my smile today to the girls and Aunt B… love you!

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